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Covid-19: 4 financial habits to get into during this lockdown


At one point or another, we’ve all wished we had time to do certain things. Things we knew were essential but we somehow never got around doing it. Managing finances is definitely one of those things for a lot of people. With this lockdown people have got plenty of time to take care of such things, finances being one of them. Hence, it is the best opportunity for individuals to take a closer look at their finances.

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned investor, experts suggest one should take a systematic approach towards handling one’s finances and reach the desired goal. Even though most people want to follow a healthy financial lifestyle, they don’t know where to start.

Here are some financial habits you should follow, to meet your desired goals:

1. Analyze Your Current Portfolio: Picking the right mutual funds and stocks is just the start. Satyen Kothari, Founder, and CEO, Cube Wealth, says, “It is important for an individual to analyze their current portfolio of mutual funds and stocks. Ideally, an individual should get a financial advisor or wealth coach to take care of this part for them.” Make sure to know which of your investments are performing and which ones are not.

2. Invest In Quality: Most people want to invest in markets and stocks but do not know where to start. Kothari of Cube Wealth says, “Even though most people these days seem to know that ‘Mutual funds Sahi hai’ but it’s more important to know ‘which one is important’. One must invest in high-quality mutual funds that have the most potential to grow their wealth.” Note that, if you have bad funds in your portfolio – you should replace them with high-quality options.

3. Invest For Goals: Experts suggest investors should not invest money to save tax. One should play it smart and invest in his/her goals. Investors should also try not to time the market. Through consistent, expert guidance and by invest right, one can achieve the desired amount for any type of goal, be it travel, retirement, down payment for a house, etc.

4. Think Long Term: Investors should not get baited by short-term gains and small hurrahs. Kothari of Cube Wealth says, “An individual should think of what he/she really wants to achieve, what their risk appetite is, how much money they can invest regularly and they should invest. Note that creating true wealth takes disciplined investing and patience.”

Source : Financial Express

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